Design, Develop and launch of small satellite.

Cubesat Technology

Edutech4Space will offer Turnkey support and services from the design, develop, produce, integrate, test, and launch of small satellite.

About Cubesat

Educational or instructional sessions focused on theoretical aspects of space technology, satellite technology, and rocket technology. This type of training would likely cover principles, concepts, and fundamental knowledge related to these fields, providing participants with a theoretical foundation in the intricacies of space exploration, satellite systems, and rocket propulsion.


Who can Participate

School Students from Grade 5 to Grade 12

College Students of
any stream

Training Modules

Theoretical training on space technology, satellite technology and rocket technology

Practical hands-on training on building the Engineering and Flight model of cube satellites.

Support and Guidance for testing of the flight model and satellite payload design

Establishing CubeSat Satellite Centre and Ground Control Station

Required software for Satellite Communication Lab

Memorandum of Understanding between BITS Pilani Dubai Campus (BPDC) and Edutech4Space to build a “MAHASAT”, students-built CubeSat, that will eventually be launched into space.

In our student words

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